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  • T-shirts of all kinds

  • A collection of hats and caps offered by The Hunting Company

  • Other items including huggers, sun glass bands, stickers, and more

  • This is where you may find hunts your are going on and pay the deposit

  • Some of the knives we have to offer.

  • Some of the different taxidermy items available for sale.

  • A selection of coolers that are specially designed and outfitters approved for hunting and fishing.

  • An array of supplies to help you easily and affectively get your game from the wilderness to the table. All products have been tested and approved by the guides of The Hunting Company team.

  • Get any type of bowfishing gear you could need right here! Products tested and used by Capt. Dusty Mizell and the Fish-Kabob team!

  • Our collection of DVDs by Puddin Proof Productions and many other great outdoor producers!

  • Different types of custom made jewelry from elk ivory, bird feathers, fish scales, and more! We can make it from your trophy or we can provide one.

  • All of the products we offer except for the used items.

  • Gift Certificates Available for any of our services including gear, merchandise, hunting trips, fishing trips, taxidermy, filming, and more! Contact us for a certain dollar amount.

  • Different stickers and decals available.

  • A selection of our different jerky and food items. 100% hand made process in our USDA inspected facility. Our jerky is preservative free; no MSG or Nitrites and far less salt than commercial manufactures. We use only the basic ingredients: No fillers.

  • A collection of used items for sale.

  • A selection of photo and video gear and equipment we have available for purchase.

  • These are all of the items that are available on itex barter system. Please call or visit us in store to use your itex dollars.

  • A collection of different items that will help you while hunting. This may not be all we have to offer so please continue to look through the store.

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