Telescoping Skinner Kit Manual for truck hitch

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Telescoping Skinner Kit Manual for truck hitch

Telescoping Skinner Kit  Manual for truck hitch
Item #: 48

The Revolutionary new way to Skin Fish & Game What’s in it for you? Save Time (4 times Faster than a Knife) 99% Easier on Your body (pulls 99% of the hide/skin off for you!) Safer & Cleaner (less Chances to Cut yourself or get hair on Meat) Additional Details: Truly a breakthrough advancement for anyone that has ever skinned an animal. We have the System packaged to fit anyone’s needs (budget and/or existing equipment). The below kits can easily be added to make your existing mount/system that much easier or you can start fresh with a completely brand new mount from us. Animals the Herron Skinner can be used on: Deer Feral Hogs/Feral Pigs/Boars All Fur Bearers normally trapped Badger Beaver Bobcat Coyote Fisher Gray Fox Lynx Marten Mink Muskrat Nutria Opossum Otter Raccoon Red Fox Skunk Swift/Kit Fox -Weasel Fish (including Catfish, Blue Cat, Tilapia, Spoonbill, just about any fish you would have interest in skinning and that is at least 2 ½ pounds in size) What do I need to do? Choose the Button Clip Skinner Kit that is right for your needs Watch the free instructional video for your particular need Start using it, your body will be glad you did! All ButtonClip Skinner Kit Packs can be used with our optional Mount Kits or can adapt to work with current customer equipment. Additional Pack Accessories also available. This is our most popular system. Great for skinning catfish, furbearers, feral hogs, deer and antelope. Use fully extended to 12 ft. for deer/antelope etc. Contract to mid-range for coyotes, furbearers. Fully contract for catfish. Also features adjustable positions for cable/clip assembly, depending on animal size. Fabricated from 10 gauge steel and powder coated khaki camo for years of service. This system requires a gambrel or hook for catfish. Plugs into 2” receiver, add a couple of ratchet straps and use with tailgate down.

Price : $295.00
Base Station Combo

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Telescoping Skinner Kit Manual for truck hitch

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