Death Disc DVD 1 "Mizell's Monsters"

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Death Disc DVD 1 "Mizell's Monsters"

Death Disc DVD 1
Item #: 52

An action packed DVD full of hunting, bowfishing, and plenty more outtakes. Almost 2 hours of crazy encounters! Species hunted or captured include: wild hogs, axis deer, fallow deer, black bear, blackbuck, raccoons, whitetail deer, black wildebeest, stingrays, gar, sheepshead, coyotes, rattle snakes, and more! Hunters include Capt. Dusty Mizell, Katie A, Craig J, Ross, Randy B, Keith, Jason G, Billy J, Bill, Breden, Kylar G, and more! Locations include: TN, FL, AL, Ontario, NE, South Africa, and more!

Sale Price : $9.99
Was : $15.00

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Death Disc DVD 1 "Mizell's Monsters"

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