Hydro Glow LED Flood Light

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Hydro Glow LED Flood Light

Hydro Glow LED Flood Light
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Our new LED floodlights series of lights offers some very interesting new applications. We offer them in both 12vdc for bowfishing, flounder gigging and even for shrimping as well as 120v applications for mounting them on the dock for a great fish attracting light. The FL-30-120v comes in green colors for use on the dock. The primary difference in the FL-30 and the DM260 is this model offers a more “ focused “ beam. It will give greater depth penetration. This model is great for use where the water may be darker or stained. It is also good to use where the dock is more that 4-5 feet above the water. This model comes with a 20’ cord and 120v plug. The FL-30-12v comes in daylight white color. This has proven to be better for bowfishing and flounder gigging since it shows the fish shape contrast much better than a colored light. Requiring only 2.5 amps you can easily run several on a good marine battery all night…… without all the noise from the generator. Capt. Dustin Mizell uses these lights on his bowfishing charter boat and has harvested thousands of fish with this product. Give us a call for large orders to save on shipping.

Price : $129.95

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Hydro Glow LED Flood Light

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