Wild Boar Jerky

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Wild Boar Jerky

Wild Boar Jerky
Item #: 92

This is 100% Wild Boar Meat. No added “other meats.” Not chopped & formed. NOT a sausage type product. Whole muscle wild boar meat. Wild Boar meat has a sweet, nutty, intense flavor. Wild Boar meat is leaner and deeper red than pork. Truly a unique and delicious addition to our exotic jerky mix. Less fat and calories than traditional pork due the wild diet of acorns, roots and vegetation. Try some today! 100% hand made process in our USDA inspected facility. Our jerky is preservative free; no MSG or Nitrites and far less salt than commercial manufactures. We use only the basic ingredients: No fillers, no additives, just whole muscle meat. Natural hickory smoked to perfection. A thicker, firm but chewy meat. Not the “thin shoe leather” style.

Price : $7.95

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Wild Boar Jerky

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