AMS Retriever Pro Reel

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AMS Retriever Pro Reel

AMS Retriever Pro Reel
Item #: 102

Fast, smooth and easy to use! The AMS Retriever Pro is unlike any other bowfishing reel on the market. There is no button to push before the shot and no clumsy spool to wrap up later. The line is simply stacked into a bottle. As you shoot, the line flies out of the reel as fast as the arrow can take it. To retrieve the arrow, simply pull the trigger lightly and turn the handle. The line goes back into the bottle and is ready for your next fast action shot. How does the Retriever Pro differ from the Original Retriever? 1. The Quiver/Clamp Assembly. The Quiver/Clamp Assembly is exclusive to the Retriever Pro Series. It consists of a base mount that attaches directly to the bow riser, a dovetailed plate that allows adjustment of the reel in any direction, a built-in quiver to hold your arrow when not in use and a "quick-detach" thumb screw to hold it all together. With the Quiver/Clamp Assembly, the Retriever Pro can be adjusted precisely where you need it on the riser. When you want to share your bow with family or friends, simply loosen the thumbscrew and re-adjust to fit their hand size. When casing your bow, loosen the thumbscrew more and pull the reel from the bow. The Retriever Pro can be fitted to almost any bow because of this feature. 2. Lighter housing. The Original Retrievers have anodized aluminum mount and side plates. The Retriever Pro has been upgraded with plates made out of a lighter material. These plates also eliminate some of the small pieces found on the Original by incorporating them directly into the design, thereby keeping costs down. The working parts inside both models are still the same. The Retriever Pro comes with 200# Hi-Vis Braided Dacron Line, 2 AMS Safety Slide Kits, replacement nocks for your arrows and an instruction booklet. Made in America!

Price : $89.99

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AMS Retriever Pro Reel

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